Fairtrade America Teams up with Producer Networks to Launch Resource Development Strategy


More than 1.65 million Fairtrade certified farmers and workers benefit from sales of Fairtrade labeled products. Beyond sales on Fairtrade terms, the international Fairtrade system supports farmers and workers as they work to create the future they want to see. A new effort by Fairtrade America will help them go even further.

Many of the challenges that Fairtrade farmers and workers face are complex and require approaches that go beyond traditional Fairtrade. As a member of the international Fairtrade system, Fairtrade America serves as conduit between producers in developing regions and the US market.

In early June, Fairtrade America kicked off a Resource Development Strategy bringing together DC-area stakeholders and representatives from each Fairtrade Producer Network - Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through this strategy, Fairtrade America is partnering with the networks to build a resource base that supports producers in the areas they deem most critical for the future of sustainable agriculture, including:

  • Improving producer access to markets,
  • Ensuring farming is lucrative and equitable,
  • Investing in climate change adaptation and improving livelihoods.

The Fairtrade Producer Networks function as on-the-ground support systems for the farmers and workers in their regions. Staff work closely with producer organizations to facilitate Fairtrade Premium projects, apply the Fairtrade Standards and sustainable agricultural practices, and improve their businesses.

"While many Fairtrade organizations have successfully carried out projects, there is much more to be done," said Hans Theyer, Chief Executive of Fairtrade America. "We're eager to continue to work with Producer Networks to develop our strategies for resource development to implement greater change."

Some examples of producer success stories can be seen below:

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