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  • girl child 2017

    Celebrating Day of the Girl Child

    10 October 2017 by Paty Villarán, CLAC Network

    Young girls in developing and least-developed countries often grow up in communities where gender discrimination is prominent and child labor can be widespread. Efforts by local Fairtrade cooperatives and other organizations are helping empower young girls to develop and face their challenges themselves.

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  • rural women

    A Salute to Rural Women

    14 October 2016 by Kyle Freund, Digital Content Manager

    Women play a large role in global agriculture and often don’t receive the full benefits of their work. For International Day of Rural Women, we feature three Fairtrade farmers and their important work.

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  • Teresa Periera of hte Manduvira Coop in Paraguay

    Celebrating Day of the Girl Child

    11 October 2015 by Kyle Freund

    The International Day of the Girl Child is an opportunity to celebrate gender equality and the efforts to ensure equal opportunities for all young people. The theme for 2015 is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.”

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  • manduvira plant paraguay

    Paraguayan Pride: Farmers Open World's First Fairtrade Organic Sugar Mill

    23 May 2014 by Kyle Freund, Digital Content Manager, Fairtrade America

    Fairtrade sugar farmers from the remote Manduvira Cooperative in western Paraguay are celebrating an extraordinary achievement – the ribbon-cutting of the world’s first producer-owned Fairtrade organic sugar mill.

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