3 May, 2018

#Stand4Fairness with Endangered Species Chocolate

Female Producers from the Ivory Coast, Photo Credit: Sean Hawkey
by Jason from the World Fairtrade Challenge Team

To an activist, the word impact can mean a lot of things. Impact is the white whale of the consciously-minded person or businesses. It’s how we measure our change in the world – change that, no matter how large or small,  we hope will grow into something greater.

Endangered Species Chocolate is a Fairtrade chocolate brand that lives and breathes impact. To Endangered, impact isn’t simply the biproduct of selling chocolate – it’s the driving force behind their business. And we think that’s pretty sweet.

From the start, Endangered has incorporated change-for-good into their business model. Every year since it was founded in 1992, Endangered has donated 10% of its profits to GiveBack partners who then use those funds to support global wildlife conservation efforts. Endangered’s GiveBack partners include Rainforest Trust, Wildlife Conservation Network, Xerces Society, African Wildlife Foundation and many more. In fact, in the last three years alone, Endangered has donated nearly $1.5 million to its GiveBack partners!

Endangered Species Chocolate Variety, Photo Credit: ESC

Their direct, consistent support for conservation efforts across the globe are at the center of Endangered’s mission and have yielded tangible impact. Some of the successful efforts they’ve supported include:

  • Discovery of a new shark species
  • Increased awareness of the conservation needs of cheetahs
  • Steps taken to combat global ivory sales
  • Implementation of anti-poaching efforts to protect African elephants

For more info on the positive effect Endangered Species Chocolate is having on conservation efforts, be sure to check out their 2017 Impact report.

Like many Fairtrade brands, Endangered Species Chocolate stands for fairness by taking a thoughtful, holistic approach to making a positive impact with their business. Their support for wildlife conservation is outstanding, but their commitment to improving the lives of farmers is just as admirable. In fact, last year Endangered made nearly $300,000 in Fairtrade Premium payments to small-scale producers from West Africa. Endangered is also the first U.S. brand to produce chocolate using fully traceable Fairtrade cocoa from West Africa, a region that’s historically been plagued by issues in cocoa production. All this makes Endangered is an industry leader and role model for other chocolate brands – and they #Stand4Fairness for both wildlife and farmers, which is definitely something worth celebrating.

How will you #Stand4Fairness on World Fair Trade Day? Here are 4 ways you can join:

1. Contribute to Endangered Species Chocolate’s impact by purchasing their chocolate (and be sure to check out their blog for some tasty recipes).

2. Support their partners working in wildlife conservation:

3. Post a Fairtrade goodie on Instagram using the hashtag #Stand4Fairness

4. Register an event at fairtradechallenge.org and #Stand4Fairnes this World Fair Trade Day, May 12th

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