10 March, 2017

This Month, March to your store! Ask for Fairtrade Bananas!

el guabo ecuador banana
by Kyle Freund, Digital Content Manager, Fairtrade America

Equal Exchange is celebrating everyone’s favorite yellow fruit the entire month of March (no offense, lemons). Check out this banana flowchart to learn how bananas get from the fields of Ecuador to your store (and remember to ask them to stock Fairtrade).

The average American consumes roughly 25 pounds of bananas a year or about 100 average-sized bananas. Millions of farmers and workers, and thousands of people in distribution networks around the globe work hard to make sure they show up at your store ripe and ready to eat.

Equal Exchange is homing in on bananas sharing insights the entire month of March. Enjoy this infographic and check out this great story from El Guabo, a Fairtrade banana cooperative in Ecuador.

equal exchange bananas

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