8 February, 2016

Win Fairtrade Goodies to Share with your Valentine

Valentine's Day Competition
by Mary Linnell-Simmons, Marketing and Communications Manager

To celebrate the holiday of love, we're giving you a chance to win Fairtrade chocolate and ice cream PLUS a handmade elephant poo card (yes, really).

We've got a lovely bag of Belvas salted caramel chocolate hearts, two pint vouchers for Ben & Jerry's ice cream AND a handmade card made by Alison Streacker from elephant poo paper.

It's simple.

  1. Tag a person you'd share your Fairtrade treats with on this Facebook post or on Twitter or Instagram (don't forget to tag @FairtradeMarkUS too or else we won't see it).
  2. Follow us at @FairtradeMarkUS - In order to win, you need to be following us so we can direct message you.

Here's an example if you wanted to share your treats with me (hey, one can only hope!): "Hey @FairtradeMarkUS, I'd love to share my Fairtrade #ValentinesDay goodies with @MaryFinds."

Don't forget to read our rules and regs before entering! Competition ends February 14th at 11:59pm ET.

You can show you truly care this Valentine's Day by supporting the farmers and workers who make the beautiful or delicious presents that surprise and delight. Your chocolate, flowers, wine and even gold go on a long journey to get to you. By choosing Fairtrade certified products, you are helping the farmers, workers and miners who make those items possible to live a better life and reap greater benefits from trade.

Want more Valentine's Day ideas? Join our #FairtradeChat Twitter Party on February 9th at 2pm ET to find out more about where to find ethical products and the difference they make to farmers and workers (and for a chance to win more prizes). Also, check out this blog written by the woman who will be crafting the winners' elephant poo card.

Enter our giveaway now! Go straight to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


  • Jessica Schubert said: Boardchic2003@yahoo.com
    10/02/2016 21:48

    @FairtradeMarkUS, I would share with my husband, Mike Schubert!

  • Alex ralley said: Alexralley1989@gmail.com
    14/02/2016 18:59

    That would be very nice

  • Arica Hutchins said: aricanichole82@gmail.com
    29/06/2016 21:21

    Wow thks for the chance. I am never lucky but i will always try

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