1 October, 2015

Win a Fairtrade Camping Bundle!

Fairtrade Camping Bundle prize
by Mary Linnell-Simmons

Fair Trade Month Competition announcement

Fair Trade Month is October, and throughout the month, we’ll be giving away 5 Fairtrade Bundles to lucky winners on social media.

Every week we announce a new bundle to win with instructions on how you can get your hands on it. Don’t forget, by entering this week, you are entered to win the Grand Prize Bundle of a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card and an array of Fairtrade goodies.

This week, we are giving away a Fairtrade Camping Bundle! Whether you like to go camping, go glamping, or simply enjoy a long walk and a picnic in the great outdoors, this is the bundle for you.

Entry dates: October 1 – October 7, 2015

Entry method: Facebook - Answer this question in one sentence in the comment section of this post: “Why is it important to you to choose Fairtrade certified products?”

The Fairtrade Camping Bundle includes:

A kit to spruce up your al fresco meals:

Warm up on cold nights:

5 things to make your journey easier:

  • 1 pair of Farm to Feet wool hiking socks (size large)*
  • 1 Osprey Ultralight map wrap*
  • 1 Eco Vessel 17oz insulated water bottle*
  • 1 pack of LUSH Toothy Tabs to freshen your breath (your co-campers will thank you!)
  • 5 Lasting Smiles lip balms

Don’t forget to read our Terms & Conditions and keep an eye on our blog for next week’s competition. You can enter more than one!

Read more about the difference Fairtrade makes to the lives of farmers and workers around the world.

*These prizes are not Fairtrade Certified but are made with love, attention and care.


  • Kendra Clutter said: Kendra.penry@gmail.com
    01/10/2015 18:00

    It is important to me to choose Fair Trade products because it means dignity for the people that produce the goods that make my life possible!

  • Robin Chesser said: robinchesser@yahoo.com
    01/10/2015 18:27

    Because Fairtrade is a hand up, not a handout.

  • Gloria Boaatman said: gloria_boatman@yahoo.com
    01/10/2015 18:56

    Buying Fair Trade products helps those that produce products in developing countries.

  • Erin Lichtenwalter said: Weetziesquirrel@gmail.com
    02/10/2015 00:05

    Buying fairtrade products is the right thing to do. We need each other and we all need this earth. Fairtrade makes sure these things we need are being taken care of.

  • Rachael Martin said: ahomelesstree@gmail.com
    02/10/2015 00:43

    I choose Fairtrade products because I want people who produce the goods I buy to be able to live happy lives.

  • Janice Dean said: jannyshere@gmail.com
    02/10/2015 02:17

    It is important because it support farmers and workers to invest in a better future.

  • Terri Broome said: silyeduc@aol.com
    02/10/2015 16:44

    I am so excited to find out more of these Fair Trade brands

  • Joanne Willey said: jolee62@aol.com
    02/10/2015 16:48

    They are reliable!

  • Mary Jamison said: mary011853@aol.com
    02/10/2015 17:48

    love camping

  • Mary Jamison said: mary011853@aol.com
    02/10/2015 17:48

    love camping

  • april said: amkj2002@hotmail.com
    03/10/2015 05:05

    I choose fair trade because I want the world to be a better place for my kids and the generations that will follow us.

  • Tammera Widell said: t_widell@yahoo.com
    03/10/2015 22:49

    Fair wage for work is the way it should be.

  • Jenn Grenier said: Jenngren@gmail.com
    03/10/2015 23:15

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Cheryl said: cheryl888888@aol.com
    04/10/2015 00:05

    Because they are great quality and durability.

  • ronda garnett said: rdgarnett@hotmail.com
    04/10/2015 15:34

    Helps keep people that would otherwise be in poverty employeed

    04/10/2015 16:21


  • amy said: amy.willenbrock@gmail.com
    04/10/2015 18:57

    I would love the chance to win!

  • Sheryl Edwards said: texashowdy@yahoo.com
    05/10/2015 14:41

    To improve the life of farmers and workers worldwide. To provide fair trade!

  • Raquel Jackson said: nolagirl241@gmail.com
    05/10/2015 16:13

    It is important to me to choose fair trade products because I am helping farmers by supporting them with my purchases of their natural grown/raised products.

  • Claudia Rodriguez said: ctr5292@gmail.com
    05/10/2015 19:37

    Quite simply, ALL human beings deserve to be treated EQUALLY. Peace, to all.

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe said: aleq13@gmail.com
    06/10/2015 07:50

    I want to help eliminate poverty, sustain the environment, create and maintain safe working conditions and fair pay for all. #FairTrade

  • Alisson H. said: alissonsart@gmail.com
    06/10/2015 19:29

    I enjoy fighting child labor!

  • chris said: cpcurtisfour@comcast.net
    06/10/2015 20:49

    This looks like a great prize!

  • Casey McLendon said: Caseygirl19821@aol.com
    07/10/2015 03:06

    I love all that Fair Trade stands for! I love that it helps people who need it to grow and sell to make a living! I love that you give them a voice and help them! Thank you very much! LOVE being a part of sharing FairTrade info!

  • debbutterflys said: highwayhoney@yahoo.com
    07/10/2015 14:42

    need to tke care of our health with quality and safe products

  • Willy zapata said: william.zapata@student.fairfield.edu
    07/10/2015 15:21

    Fairttade is important brcause it gives quality if life to those in need

  • Ann Scott said: 2010auburnpto@gmail.com
    07/10/2015 15:58

    Buying Fairtrade Certified supports the dignity of a human being. We should all be valued and this is one of the ways I can demonstrate that value.

  • Joanna Dawn Smith said: joannaonthelake@gmail.com
    08/10/2015 00:17

    It is important to purchase Fairtrade certified products because it allows me the chance to chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.

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