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  • International guide to labels praises Fairtrade standards, advocacy and awareness-raising

    9 January 2020 by mlinnellsimmons

    A new guide to fair trade labels aimed at helping consumers and companies navigate the increasingly confusing world of sustainability and ethical programs has praised Fairtrade for its track record on workers’ rights, protecting the environment and unique premium payments.

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  • Cocoa farmer reaching for a cocoa pod.

    The Fairtrade Four

    2 January 2020 by Fairtrade America

    A Guide to Fairtrade Certified Products

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  • Foncho

    Protecting Farmers From The Climate Crisis: A Fairtrade Priority

    9 December 2019 by Lannette Chiti, Senior Advisor Climate Change

    Fairtrade announced a partnership to explore the viability of offering climate risk insurance to Fairtrade smallholder farmers.

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  • Holiday Gifts

    5 Fairtrade Gifts for Your Shopping Cart

    18 November 2019 by Fairtrade America

    Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends, but still want to live your values? Look no further! These Fairtrade certified items are a great and festive way not only to celebrate but also to give back to farming communities around the world!

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  • Navitas Keto Brownie

    Fudgy Keto Brownies Recipe

    13 November 2019 by Navitas Organics

    You’d never guess that these fudgy, moist and delectably sweet brownies are low in carbohydrates and contain no sugar. A dash of coffee powder makes the cacao flavor more pronounced, but feel free to leave it out for a more classic brownie experience!

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  • DIY Body Butter Blend

    DIY Hydrating Fairtrade Cacao Butter Blend

    12 November 2019 by Naledi Sekgapane, Operations Assistant

    Try this DIY silky blend of Navitas Cacao Butter, which melts right into your skin leaving a barrier to protect the most moisture-deprived skin. This DIY blend is smooth and supple, ideal for daily use for those cold winter months.

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  • Navitas Marbled Cacao Banana Bread

    Marbled Cacao Banana Bread Recipe

    11 November 2019 by Navitas Organics

    This nourishing marbled banana bread is not only delicious – it's also gluten free, low sugar and filled with a number of sustainably sourced ingredients!

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  • Navitas Cacao Bark

    Cacao Butter Bark Recipe

    10 November 2019 by Navitas Organics

    Completely raw and completely customizable, this Cacao Butter Bark recipe can become as elaborate as your imagination with your favorite mix of superfood powders, nuts, seeds and berries.

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  • Banana Farmer in Ecuador

    Wages for Banana Workers in Ecuador and Colombia

    9 November 2019 by Fairtrade International

    In the week of the Living Wage and Living Income Conference, ‘The Only Way is Up’, Fairtrade recognizes the crucial role of governments, unions and employers towards improving living conditions for workers. Following years of engaging and advocating for decent salaries, Fairtrade is delighted to see progress in the banana sectors and will continue to support these efforts in all banana producing countries.

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  • Vanilla Pod

    Sustainable Vanilla Prices to Achieve a Living Income for Farmers

    9 November 2019 by Carla Veldhuyzen van Zanten, Senior Advisor Sustainable Livelihoods

    Natural vanilla has drawn attention in recent years due to its soaring price, rivaling even silver in 2017. While that might on the surface seem like a good thing for vanilla farmers, the instability of the market for the world’s second most expensive spice (after saffron) does much more harm than good.

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