Where Fairtrade needs to do more

Fairtrade is constantly evolving as we work towards our vision in which all farmers and workers earn a sustainable livelihood. We have come a long way, but there is always more to do. 

Where we can improve

Insight from our staff in the field as well as from external experts highlight some areas we can improve to deliver greater impact. These include work such as:

  • Including a Living Wage as part of the Fairtrade Standards
  • Extending our scope to cover farm workers on smallholders' land
  • Further empowering female producers
  • Leveling the power balance in supply chains
  • Working with communities to create strong resilience to climate change.

How we will champion this improvement

We acknowledge these challenges and are taking steps towards them. To do this, we consult with producers (who have 50% stake in our General Assembly Board), as well as with businesses, industry leaders and civil society. This guidance helps shape the development of future Standards, seek funding, and lead research studies.

Through this transparency, we can better serve producers, deliver more results to business, and provide assurances to shoppers.