Win Fairtrade Goodies

We are always giving you a chance to try Fairtrade products and goodies from our like-minded partners. Enter our regular giveaways for a chance to win!

Each competition we run online is different so be sure to read all the rules for entry. Also, all competitions adhere to our Rules and Regulations.

If you'd like to suggest prizes you'd like to give away, email us at

  • bakers bundle

    Bakers Bundle Giveaway

    Get your bowls and measuring cups ready! Rev up your mixer! And enter for your chance to win this batch of high-quality Fairtrade ingredients and more.

  • Join the FairtradeChat on Twitter

    Twitter Chat Prizes

    Fairtrade America holds TwitterChats on a regular basis. Join in for great conversation and your chance to win excellent Fairtrade prizes. This May 18th, we're partnering with BCorps to host a #FairtradeChat on doing business better.