Featured Partner

Fairtrade America works with many forward-thinking brands both here in the US and abroad. To showcase some of the great work these companies do, we’ve launched the Fairtrade Featured Partner program.

Fairtrade Featured Partners

To better connect you with Fairtrade products we love, we’ll be regularly featuring a partner to highlight all the amazing things they’re doing with Fairtrade and beyond. Get excited for giveaways, limited edition products, information about the industry, exclusive coupons to use online and more! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the next Fairtrade Featured Partner (and snag some exclusive deals!).

Current Fairtrade Featured Partner: Ethical Bean Coffee

Ethical Bean Coffees

We’re very excited to announce Ethical Bean Coffee as the very first Fairtrade Featured Partner! We’re gonna be bringing you all sorts of awesome news & info about Ethical Bean, a coffee roaster based in Canada and caffeinating people south of the border. They do some AMAZING work - practicing the principles of sustainability & good planet stewardship. Keep your eyes peeled for an Ethical Bean coffee recipe that’ll cool you down while keeping you up. 

Last but not least: Ethical Bean will be taking over our Instagram feed for a full week at the end of the month – you just might win some of the best Fairtrade coffee there is to offer!