Holiday Bazaar #FairtradeChat

Join us and our partners for a holiday themed #FairtradeChat! We'll have retailers and partners gathered around sharing ideas on how to make your holidays more fair.

It's free and anyone can join from anywhere! All you have to do is add the hashtag #FairtradeChat to the end of every tweet and follow the conversation through the same hashtag.

Join and chat with Fairtrade supporters, NGOs, companies, retailers, producers and more, discovering how to make a difference with your everyday purchases. By choosing Fairtrade certified products, you are helping the farmers, workers and miners who make those items possible to live a better life and reap greater benefits from trade.

Read our Guide to Twitter Chats to find out how, why and when to participate.

Don't forget - we give out prizes at the end of each chat from companies that make fantastic Fairtrade certified products.