At the heart of Fairtrade

More than 1.6 million farmers and workers in over 75 countries are not just part of Fairtrade but at the heart of Fairtrade. Learn more about the issues they face to produce some of the products we use every day, from coffee and cocoa to bananas and tea. You can benefit farmers and change lives by choosing Fairtrade certified products.

Read more about the impact the Fairtrade Premium, the proportion of female to male farmers, the average size of a farm and more on our Facts and Figures page.

  • Fairtrade Banana Producers

    Produce Farmers and Workers

    Not just a fruit bowl favorite, bananas are also the staple food for many people in developing countries.

  • Fairtrade Cocoa Producer

    Fairtrade Cocoa Farmers

    Chocolate is undoubtedly among the world’s favorite treats — but growing the beans that go into our bars isn’t quite so straightforward.

  • Fairtrade Coffee Producer

    Fairtrade Coffee Farmers

    Coffee is the beverage that kick-starts the day for many of us – and it is a product that some 125 million people around the world depend on for their livelihood.

  • Fairtrade Cotton Producer

    Fairtrade Cotton Farmers

    Cotton is the most important crop in the world’s textile industry, and has history as the globe’s oldest commercial crop.

  • Fairtrade Flowers Producers

    Fairtrade Flower Farmers and Workers

    The global cut flower trade is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion a year.

  • gold uganda fair trade syanyonja

    Fairtrade Gold Miners

    Love, wealth and luxury—we associate all of these with gold. But the truth behind this precious metal is not so glamorous.

  • Fairtrade Farmer Worker

    Fairtrade Sugar Farmers

    Sugarcane makes up almost 80% of global sugar production, cultivated in developing countries by millions of smallholder farmers and workers.

  • Fairtrade Tea Producers

    Fairtrade Tea Farmers and Workers

    From a crop grown in China for medicinal purposes 5,000 years ago to today’s billion-dollar industry, tea is appropriately steeped in history.

  • Fairtrade Wine Producer

    Fairtrade Wine Farmers and Workers

    Wine is one of the most popular drinks across the globe and has been produced for thousands of years.

  • Fairtrade Rice Producer

    Other Fairtrade Certified Products Farmers and Workers

    Fairtrade is not just about cocoa, bananas, coffee and tea. In recent years the list of Fairtrade products has grown.