Nature's Path

“Leave the earth better than you found it” is Nature’s Path’s mantra. That’s why they source their products locally or from Fairtrade farmers.

natures path logoWhenever possible, Nature’s Path works to source products locally to support local farmers and keep ingredients as fresh as possible. The company sources around 78% of its ingredients from North America. However, they can’t produce their full line without the help of some ingredients that simply aren’t found in North America.

For all of their other sourcing needs, Nature’s Path looks to the mantra, “leave the earth better than you found it” and tries to source as ethically as possible. That’s why they partner with suppliers that value organic agriculture and sustainability.

With that in mind, Nature’s Path is committed to purchasing all organic cocoa as Fairtrade certified. They also doing what they can to purchase organic sugar cane, molasses, and other spices from Fairtrade farmers so that they can have a better earth, too.

Nature’s Path works to make sure that their products are not just “fair trade”, but “Fairtrade” certified, because they know that the FAIRTRADE Mark means that producers and suppliers have met a set of rigorous ethical and environmental standards of Fairtrade International.

Try some of Nature’s Path products featuring Fairtrade certified ingredients and see if Nature’s Path is the path for you!

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