La Tourangelle

La Tourangelle has always been in the pursuit of uncompromising artisan excellence. The artisans at La Tourangelle believe that you should eat food that tastes better. Stir the emotion, enjoy, and be beautiful.

la tourangelle logoLa Tourangelle works hard to uphold the company’s values. They are committed to taste, and believe that flavor drives nutrition. Their artisan legacy makes honoring nature come easily. Reverence for the trees, seeds, kernels, and all of nature is the basis of their high-quality products.

La Tourangelle sources organic products and works directly with cooperative Fairtrade certified suppliers, being transparent and honest in certifications, and to giving back to communities with a focus on passing values to the next generation.

That’s why they have established a Fairtrade program with an organic coconut oil supplier in the Philippines. La Tourangelle believes that social responsibility starts with the manufacturers. They are proud to produce an organic product that is beneficial to nature, while helping to support fairer compensation to coconut farmers.

You don’t have to compromise taste and nutrition for ethical sourcing, and La Tourangelle’s artisan oils show that this is possible.

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