Made by hand in small batches, Jamnation jams support local and global sustainability by finding the best local varietal of fruits and showcasing them with exotic flavors to create bold and bright pairings.

Jamnation was founded to “make something that not only tastes amazing but also does good." So it was an easy choice to source Fairtrade certified sugar from small farmers in Paraguay and Fairtrade spices from farmers in Sri Lanka and Egypt.  

Every jar supports sustainable development in developing countries. These programs protect the environment, build schools and invest in local infrastructure instead of adding to the profits of large corporate conglomerates.

Jamnation loves local fruit farmers, including varietals like Arctic Star nectarines and Royal Blenheim apricots – exceptional fruits from local, organic farmers that can’t be transported.

However, for some ingredients like sugar and spices, buying local doesn’t make sense. For cane sugar, South America and Africa have a natural competitive advantage based on their climate: it costs them less to produce because of their environment.  

Jamnation uses Fairtrade and organic certified sugar and spices to support sustainable growth and practices in developing countries. Buying Fairtrade improves local sustainability and helps protect the environment where these products are grown.

At Jamnation, “local fruits meet global pursuits”.

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