Edward and Sons

When you buy Fairtrade certified artichoke hearts from Edward & Sons, you return value, respect, and appreciation to the people who make our enjoyment of these foods possible. 

edward and sons logoEdward & Sons’ Trading Company, Inc. was born out of a commitment to create delicious natural foods featuring convenient preparation in step with busy, health-aware lifestyles. They travel the world to taste and evaluate regional foods, source the finest ingredients, and partner with the most reliable farmers, packers and food artisans to create our unique range of natural and organic specialties.

Edward & Sons has a motto they strongly stand by: “Convenience without Compromise”. As a vegetarian company, they know the power of sourcing produce from trusted, hardworking producers. That’s why they chose to Fairtrade certify their artichoke hearts.

At Edward & Sons, they believe that everybody is different and everybody has different needs, a point that is often overlooked by conventional food companies who cater solely to “mainstream” customers. They prefer simple, wholesome, minimally processed ingredients crafted by artisans to achieve great taste without artificial enhancements.

Since any ingredient may present a problem for someone, they select each ingredient with care, ever mindful of our most sensitive customers. Now you can buy delicious More Than Fair artichoke hearts for everyone in your life!

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