Dhana Inc

Dhana is an ethical fashion brand committed to using clothing as a tool to connect people and planet. Dhana is B Corps certified as well!

Where was your shirt made? Who made it and how? Why Fairtrade organic cotton?

From fiber to finished product, Dhana, Inc., strives to create socially conscious fashion and sustainable apparel for youth. This certified B Corp uses apparel as a platform for education and advocacy.

Dhana demonstrates their sustainable and ethical credibility by sourcing 100 percent organic Fairtrade cotton, using low-impact dyes, and committing to humane treatment of people in every aspect of its supply chain.

This commitment extends to cotton and the farmers that produce it. Cotton is the most important crop in the world’s textile industry, and is one of the world’s oldest commercial crops.

Cotton farmers in countries like India and West Africa face many challenges, including the impacts of climate change, low prices for seed cotton, and competition from highly subsidized cotton growers in developed countries like the United States.

Dhana works with their entire supply chain to make sure that generations raised in these clothes will have greater awareness of people and planet.

In 2016, Dhana ranked in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corps and named a ‘Best for the World 2016’ honoree.

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