Steep and Brew Coffee

Steep & Brew Coffee’s Café Fair line is the socially responsible coffee in your life. Always organic, always fair.

steep and brew logoOriginally founded as an alternative to bars as a place for friends to come together, Steep & Brew knows that a good cup of coffee is oftentimes the best way to strike up a meaningful conversation with a friend.

Beyond the social nature of coffee, Steep & Brew strives to be socially conscious with its products. Because of this desire and commitment, they have created a line of brews called “Café Fair”, coffee that carries the Fairtrade certification alongside other trustworthy certifications.

Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on their Dark Guatemalan, Decaf Café Fair, and Decaf French Roast. By certifying products Fairtrade, Steep & Brew helps promote the well-being and livelihood of the producers that supply their Café Fair beans.

Though they’ve expanded a lot since their humble roots, Steep & Brew aims to serve you the same high quality coffee today as they did over 35 years ago.

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