Seattles Best

Seattle’s Best coffee has been roasting coffee for over 45 years. They work hand in hand with Latin American producers to perfect their signature roasting process and stay true to their roots.

seattles best logoSeattle’s Best Coffee came from humble beginnings. The company initially roasted their coffee in a 12-lb peanut roaster at a shop named The Wet Whisker.

After moving out West to Seattle and making a name for themselves, the company entered themselves in a tasting competition to determine “the best cup of coffee in Seattle.” When they won, they truly became “Seattle’s Best Coffee”.

They began sourcing their 100% Arabica beans exclusively from Latin America, working hand in hand with the farmers to ensure complete consistency from batch to batch. In working with these farmers to source Fairtrade certified beans, they can say with confidence that the product is high quality and meticulously cared for.

Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on Seattle’s Best Signature Blend No. 4. This blend, both Fairtrade and organic, makes a balanced cup with a hint of chocolate.

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