Kishé Foods

Kishé is 100% owned by the coffee farmers of the FECCEG cooperative in Guatemala. Every bag of Fairtrade organic coffee directly supports sustainable enterprise.

kishe logoCollaboration is at the heart of Kishé coffee. The hands that produce your coffee and till the earth also have a hand in the company that brings the coffee to store shelves creating a truly sustainable enterprise.

Kishé belongs to its stakeholders – over 2,000 small-scale coffee farmer members of FECCEG, a cooperative in Northwestern Guatemala. The cooperative launched its first product under the Kishé Foods brand in the United States in 2013.

Kishé believes that the world becomes stronger when everyone has the means to stand on their own two feet. The company supports a completely transparent value chain where every individual’s contribution is respected.

Kishé offers three coffees from Guatemala, including a volcanic dark roast, a woman-grown medium roast, and El Vergel, a light-roasted Cup of Excellence winner. 

Kishé’s direct model delivers greater impact back to farmers, which also allows the cooperative to provide greater services. FECCEG is committed to supporting organic practices, gender equality, sustainable development, food security and crop diversification.