Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee uses only Fairtrade organic coffee beans to help sustain communities without compromise.

kicking horse logoMany people told the founders of Kicking Horse that “It can’t be done!” when they set out to use only Fairtrade and organic coffee beans in their popular blends.

But they have done it and have proven that choosing good can also mean great.  Kicking Horse is Canada’s #1 selling whole bean coffee and a growing presence in the USA.

Kicking Horse doesn’t just need coffee beans. They need a lot of exceptional coffee beans that they are proud to use. Consistently and dependably. And that’s not simple. And that’s where Fairtrade begins to matter.

Kicking Horse is only interested in sourcing coffee that is good and fair for both coffee drinkers and for farmers. You cannot have one without the other. Kicking Horse Coffee believes that Fairtrade helps farmers to grow with them, to continue providing for their growing demand and be part of businesses that exist with community and in a socially responsible way.   

The team at Kicking Horse hopes that, after tasting their 100% Fairtrade organic coffee, you’ll understand that it’s not only possible, but preferred!

Why should you drink Kicking Horse Coffee?

At Kicking Horse Coffee, they're only interested in using coffee that is good and fair for both coffee drinkers and for farmers - you can’t have one without the other. Instead of reactive aid, Fairtrade supplies the proactive tools, training and practices for farmers to run smart, successful and sustainable businesses.

Kicking Horse Coffee is thankful for the people who believe great coffee can also be good. They're thankful for the people who demand Fairtrade coffee, who are part of their story. And who are, in turn, part of a good story that changes the world, one deep, dark and delicious cup at a time.

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