Kaladi Coffee Roasters

Kaladi Coffee Roasters is committed to supporting smallholder coffee farmers as they improve their lives through fairer trade. Kaladi air roasts their premium coffees to fully develop the flavor without bitterness.

kaladi logoMark and Andrew, the founders of Kaladi Coffee Roasters, had a desire to restore the promise of the specialty coffee revolution. They imagined a coffee company devoted to sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from farmers who demonstrate sustainable growing practices and respect workers’ rights.

Coffee houses have always been places of community. Kaladi’s aim is to awaken community both locally and globally by supporting local causes in their own community and by supporting cooperative enterprise from the communities they source coffee from.

Many coffees hide behind blending beans of different qualities to create a passable product, but that’s never been Kaladi’s style. Mark and Andrew trust the farmers and the Fairtrade beans that they produce to stand on their own for their flavor and quality.

While countries are known for general flavor characteristics, Fairtrade farmers understand the marriage between botanical variety, microclimate, soil composition, and regionally specific farming techniques through years of knowledge.

Still not convinced? Try one of Kaladi’s coffees and decide for yourself if air-roasted, Fairtrade coffee is the right choice for you. 

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