Ethical Bean Coffee

Beyond roasting delicious coffee, Ethical Bean is built on a foundation of fairness and environmental accountability. Scan the back of each bag to trace your beans from crop to cup and learn the story behind your coffee.

ethical bean logoIn 1999, co-founders of Ethical Bean, Lloyd Bernhardt and Kim Schachte took a trip that changed their lives. Their journey to Guatemala to adopt their daughter sparked a passion for the culture of the country and inspired a desire to better the lives of the farmers and families living and working in the coffee industry. The couple returned to Vancouver, and in 2003, launched Ethical Bean Coffee. Their coffee is now available online and in grocery stores around the world.

Ethical Bean believes that doing something good for the world should be rewarded with something that tastes spectacular. Artisan roasted in Vancouver Canada, they test it, slurp it and stamp it with an "e" – so that you'll love it with the same passion that went into creating it.

On every bag of coffee, they have a QR code you can scan to trace exactly where those beans are from and learn about the entire crop to cup journey. That, combined with their carbon neutral roasting facility in Vancouver and their annual support in Guatemala, sending children to school through funding scholarships and supporting an eco-sustainable village for at-risk mothers and children, makes Ethical Bean Coffee a truly unique Fairtrade company.

As a founding Canadian B Corporation, Ethical Bean meets higher standards of environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. With the launch of their new 100% compostable coffee pods, Ethical Bean has expanded their offerings into the convenience of a single-serve pod.  

Made from coffee bean chaff and other plant-based materials, the entire pod can be thrown directly into the green bin. These innovative pods are BPI certified, and tests in municipal composting show they can break down in as few as five weeks – faster than many other kinds of common food waste.

Brew the change you want to see in the world. 

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