Cycle Town Coffee Roasters

Cycle Town travels the world to find, directly from the source, the best coffees and create strong relationships with farmers to offer the finest cup of coffee to you!

cycle town roastersCycle Town Coffee Roasters is passionate about more than a good cup of coffee. They believe that sometimes you have to go on a journey to find the best and finest ingredients for that perfect blend.

Each year, Cycle Town travels the world to visit the communities that produce the premium, Fairtrade coffees they are proud to serve. They’ve seen firsthand how vibrant and lively these communities and are proud to support the growth and continued success of these farmers.

While not all of Cycle Town’s blends and coffees are Fairtrade, they feature a large and delicious global variety.

Cycle Town’s organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a sparkling acidity with great balance. It’s some of the most flavorful coffee found anywhere. From the Americas, their organic Honduras San Pedro is a full-bodied roast that remains sweet and smooth with no hint of bitterness.

Cylce Town also features a delicious Fairtrade blend as well. Give the Amazon Trail a try, with beans shade-grown on the edge of the Amazon jungle and Andes Mountains. You won’t regret trying it!

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