Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate since 1922, exploring the great aromatic potential of cocoa and positively impacting their producer communities. Valrhona is the leading chocolate brand chosen by the top Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers worldwide.

valrhona logoValrhona works hard to have a positive impact on the producer communities where they source their products. Valrhona’s commitment comes to life by assisting producers, cooperating to innovate with farmers, forming long-term partnerships with them, supporting the cocoa industry in small countries, improving the population’s living conditions, and respecting environmental and employment laws.

Valrhona is committed to Fairtrade practices, expanding their line of certified cocoa products, and does so as directly as possible with their farmers. They do everything in their power to ensure that the conditions in which their cacao is grown allows planters and their families to develop a long-term business strategy. They take particular care to ensure no children work in the cacao production, that there is no forced labor, and that all national and international labor regulations are respected.

Valrhona has develop a strong CSR program they call “Live Long” as their identity to express their commitment to the communities involved in every stage of their value chain and to the environment and to all the stakeholders involve in their business. Read more about their values here.

Some of the top pastry chefs in the world use Valrhona chocolate. They also craft unique Fairtrade chocolate couverture for other companies. Enjoy Valrhona yourself or contact them to enquire about chocolate sourcing.

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