Perfect Fuel

Perfect Fuel delivers convenient, clean, and delicious energy and nutrition for the active lifestyle with powerful and pure organic, Fairtrade ingredients for a natural boost.

perfect fuel logoOur greatest need is for energy. Our greatest desire is health and happiness. When you need energy you need it now, and real energy comes from real food. Perfect Fuel sources Fairtrade chocolate and quality health-promoting ingredients to deliver energy you can feel good about.

The Latin American cocoa growers that provide Perfect Fuel’s ingredients are dedicated to producing quality cocoa because they know they’ll be paid a fair price for it. Producing cocoa is hard work, and the cocoa market is unpredictable. Working within the Fairtrade framework, cocoa farmers and co-ops are encouraged to use quality and sustainable farming practices while providing a stable, high-quality life for their families and children.

Perfect Fuel supports Fairtrade because it echoes our commitment to the highest quality ingredients for health, flavor, and energy. Fuel your next run, bike or hike with Perfect Fuel!

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