Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species’ milk and dark chocolate bars and bites are made with ethically traded, shade-grown cacao and natural ingredients. And the best part? 10% of net profits from your purchase are donated to help fund wildlife conservation efforts!

esc logoDid you know: Endangered Species Chocolate is the first American-made chocolate using fully traceable Fairtrade cocoa from West Africa? They have an established history of working with cocoa farmers in West Africa, supporting growers that commit to high standards for quality and ethical trade.

When you choose Fairtrade certified products, you are helping to give farmers an opportunity to make a real living and invest in a viable future. Farming communities that supply Endangered Species Chocolate have used Fairtrade Premiums to implement livelihood projects such as upgrading local infrastructure, providing their producers with health insurance, and ensuring children have resources for their education.

To deliver the greatest possible benefit to these small farming communities, Endangered Species Chocolate commits to 100% full traceability standards, ensuring that every bit of cocoa they purchase comes from Fairtrade certified farmers in West Africa, a region that produces 70% of the world’s cocoa.

In addition to their commitment to Fairtrade, this company does even more good with their chocolate. 10% of their net profits help fund the work of non-profit wildlife partners like Rainforest Trust, Wildlife Conservation Network, African Wildlife Foundation, and others.

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