Chocolate and Love

Sourcing only the best cacao and other premium ingredients, Chocolate and Love is a premium, organic, Fairtrade-certified, dark chocolate brand. 

chocolate and love logoChocolate & Love is family-owned by Richard O'Connor (a chocolate-loving Scot) and Birgitte Hovmand (a foodie Dane).  When Birgitte decided to convert to a majority organic diet while pregnant with their daughter, she struggled to find quality organic chocolate. Richard and Birgitte decided to make their own, and Chocolate and Love was created - excellent quality, ethically-made chocolate at an affordable price.  The company exports to 35 countries worldwide and has won 29 Gold Great Taste Awards, one Silver and one Bronze from Academy of Chocolate.

In addition to the high antioxidant levels naturally found in cocoa, each chocolate bar is gluten-free, GMO-free (as all certified organic products) and contains no additives. The range uses cane sugar and is free from soya lecithin.  Seven variants are dairy-free (Panama 80%, Rich Dark 71%, Pomegranate 70%, Madagascar 70%, Mint 67%, Orange 65%, Coffee 55%), making them ideal for vegans.  Sea Salt & Caramel 55% (best seller) and Creamy Dark 55% with crunchy cacao nibs are the only two non-vegan bars.  

Who Chocolate & Love works with is as important as the quality of their products.  Their partners have direct access to the cooperatives where they source in Panama, Peru, The Dominican Republic and Madagascar.  Knowing that the business and their partners are contributing to the sustainability of the farmers by sharing information, education and industry certification, speaks to the essence of the Chocolate and Love brand. 

Every aspect of the business is run as ethically as possible. Chocolate & Love minimizes shipping to cut down on fuel costs and uses wrappers that are 100% FSC certified. Their biodegradable silver inner wrappers are produced with materials made from sustainably harvested wood and using FLO-PAK Green packing material.  Chocolate and Love also support reforestation and plant trees through

Chocolate and Love also produces luxurious chocolate gift boxes and beautiful tins of 5.5g napolitains in their iconic patterns.  Their hand-painted packaging designs are the result of working closely with a talented artist from New York to capture the organic nature of the brand, the images taking inspiration from the aesthetically-rich areas the cacao beans come from.