Belvas Chocolate

Established in 2005, Belvas is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer certified organic and Fairtrade. Genuine cocoa, pure chocolate and a return to authentic taste.

belvas logoSince the founding of their company, Belvas products have proudly carried the FAIRTRADE Mark. 

The Belvas logo, represented by two hands holding one another, stands for the cooperation between the North and the South. The name Belvas comes from the contraction of “Bel” for Belgium and “vas”, which expresses “good for the South”. 

Their basic ingredient is quality origin cocoa from cooperatives in Peru and Dominican Republic, ensuring a fully traceable supply chain.

Belvas is thankful to the farmers in the countries they work with for their exceptional ingredients. They also feel that Fairtrade is their duty to those farmers. Belvas follows the Fairtrade Standards help to improve the lives of small producers by paying a fairer price for their production as well as the Fairtrade Premium. This price takes into account the needs of the producers to make a profit from their sales.

With a continuous focus of maintaining quality, Belvas demonstrates to discerning chocolate lovers that ethical products are also delicious. They are especially apt at crafting Vegan certified chocolate, as in their delicious organic, Fairtrade, gluten-free Belgian Thins. These handmade artisanal snacks are a great alternative to traditional chocolate bars.