Oke USA/Equal Exchange

Oke USA and Equal Exchange work directly and exclusively with cooperatively organized small farmers to bring you your Fairtrade Certified choice for bananas and avocados! 

Oke USA Equal ExchangeEqual Exchange teamed up with Agrofair and Red Tomato to create Oke USA, and import the first Fairtrade banana into the US market in 2006.

According to the USDA, the average American eats 26 pounds of bananas per year. That’s a lot of bananas - and a big opportunity for impact in an industry notorious for low wages and heavy chemical use, causing major health problems across banana producing regions.

Bananas and avocados are challenging products with low margins, high risk and fierce multinational competition. Despite this, Oke and Equal Exchange believe strongly in changing the way bananas and avocados are traded. 

Equal Exchange bananas are grown by cooperatively organized small farmers in Peru (CEPIBO) and Ecuador (ASOGUABO).

Equal Exchange avocados are grown in Michoacán, Mexico, by a progressive group of small-scale avocado farmers who have organized to stand up to corporate interests by collectively controlling the entire process from growing to exporting.

Oke USA, together with their banana and avocado partners, is creating a trade model that respects farmers, builds communities, and supports the environment. By buying Equal Exchange Fairtrade certified bananas and avocados, you are choosing to connect yourself to these courageous farmers who are making history for themselves, and quite possibly, for their entire industry.

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